House Arrest by K. A. Holt

Rating 4/5 stars

This was a random book that caught my eye at the library. It was short, looked interesting, and it was. This story follows a boy, Timothy, who is under house arrest (wow big surprise) for attempting to steal someone’s wallet. The kicker is that Timothy isn’t a bad kid, his mother need the money because his brother has a handicap which requires a lot of expensive equipment. Personally, I really liked this book. Although I liked the concept of the story being told by a court ordered journal, I don’t think a twelve year old boy would write the story the way it is written. I did, however, really enjoy the characters and story line. As the story progresses, Timothy really opens up to his “journal” which allows us to really understand him as a person and watch him grow. I was able to see how he grew, not only by how his opinions changed, but also about how he thought about the actions of other people. By the end of the novel Timothy started to understand why the adults acted the way they did, even though he thought they were outrageous before hand.  I thought that Holt was able to accurately portray a young boy in the position Timothy was in. The ending was a miss for me. I think it was suppose to entice mystery and hope for Timothy; however, it just made the book feel incomplete for me. Overall, I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a short, coming of age read.

You can find a summery of this book on goodreads.

You can also purchase this book on amazon or book depository. 



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