Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Rating: 5/5 stars

This novel is worth all of the hype. The concept of this novel is completely original in combining race-related issues with the fantasy element of “powers”. There are some things within the world that I do not understand*; however, this is only the first book of a series so I believe that these things will be explained later on. One thing that really stands out about this novel is the character development. I felt as if I watched characters grow as people through out that entire novel. There was also some development which is spoiler so I won’t say what it is but it was written very well**. There were a few times when I was like “Dude, are you stupid. Don’t you see.”***, but what books don’t have those moments. I could not put this book down for the last 50 pages and can not wait to continue on with this series.

You can find a summery of this book on goodreads.

You can also purchase this book on amazon or book depository. 


*Such as how do the reds have powers? Maybe a silver secretly had children with a red and now they have extremely powerful offspring. Also why do other reds not have this power, I know that they mentioned the mutation in the blood, but I would love to understand it more. Why wouldn’t they realize their powers when they are young? Are the powers forced out by stress?  Also are there powers different from those of the silvers? And why are Mare and Shade’s powers different, all the sibling silvers we were introduced to had the same powers? Oh so many questions, I need to get my hands on the next book.

** Oh my god, the way Maven would waver between his evil side and soft side while Mare and Cal were imprisoned was wonderful writing. Someone who has spent so much time pretending to feel for another person would absolutely waver between the two in his situation.

*** Mare when Maven was showing his true self but she took forever to see what was going on.



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