Weekend Update

Hey Bookends,

It’s Friday and that means it is time for me to tell you what I am planning this weekend. I have a pretty busy schedule and can’t wait to tell you what I am up to.


  • I am hoping to finish Snow like Ashes and And Then There Were None because I am reading them for read-a-thons which both end Sunday
  • I also realized that I am quickly approaching the end of my stockpile of books to review, so I hope that I can get a least halfway through another book this weekend.

Social: This is one of my most social weekends in months!

  • On Friday I am going to see my school’s play (Pippin) and then sleep over at a friends house.
  • On Saturday I am going to a basketball game with another friend
  • And finally on Sunday I am working


  • As always I have homework to finish
  • I would love to catch up on blog posts and youtube videos

So that is all I have for you today, I would love to know what your plans for this weekend. Follow me on goodreads or Instagram to see what I am reading daily. Thanks for reading.


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