That Summer by Sarah Dessen

I gave this book 3/5 stars.

I have heard amazing things about Sarah Dessen’s book but I am sad to say that the first one I read wasn’t that great. This book follows 15 year old Heaven who feels as if everything in her life is crumbling. Her father is getting remarried and her sister is also getting married, yet she is taller than all the other boys and only wants to remember when her family was happy. During the first half of the book I could really relate to the main character and understand her struggles however I thought that her voice became very childish and immature as the novel went on. I did not see any character development in this book with any of the characters and didn’t really understand the “moral” of the story, which was suppose to be that everything is not what it seems. I also believed that Heaven had an unhealthy obsession with something, I can’t say because it seems like a spoiler. I didn’t understand this obsession at all. I will say that there were some positive aspects for this book. I did like the overall plot of the book, without the overdramatics put in by Heaven. I also really liked the writing style of the book. Even though I did not have the best experience with this book I will still read some other Sarah Dessen books since I loved the writing style and the overall plot. I would recommend this to young readers who are just getting into the contemporary genera.

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5 thoughts on “That Summer by Sarah Dessen

  1. aubreysbooknook January 29, 2016 / 1:49 pm

    That’s really disappointing. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it.


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