Weekend Update

Hey Bookends, it is time for the weekend again and y’all know what that means, it’s update time! It has been a really busy week and my weekend is a little bit calmer but I still have some things I have to do. So without any more ramblings, let’s get through to the wrap-up.


  • I need to finish The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne for school.
  • I also want to read at least 50% of The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett.


  • I am volunteering at a Sheep Dog Trails for tomorrow and Sunday. I wasn’t given certain hours so I don’t know how long I will be working but it will be a great opportunity to read at the Tee-Shirt table.


  • For Bad Horror Movie night I will be watching Dead Silence
  • I do have a bit of homework to work on.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Thank you guys so much for reading, I really appreciate it. If you would please friend me on goodreads to see what I am reading I would love it. Again thanks for reading.


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