Weekly Update

Hey Bookends, it’s Monday which means that it is time to update yall on what I’m reading. Because I missed last week I will update you guys about the last two weeks. So without any more rambling let me update you.

For Fun: I finished reading Blue Moon by Alyson Noel. I then started and finished Carrie by Stephen King, The Implosion of Aggie Winchester by  Lara Zielin  and Slappy’s Tales of Horror by R.L. Stine. I am currently in the middle of Rook by Sharron Cameron and am 232 pages/ 50% through. I am still putting The Girl Who Played with Fire on hold and am 111 pages/ 22% through with it.

For School: I am currently 49 pages/ 34% through The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorn and 67 pages/ 22% through The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel.

Thank you guys for reading this update, I hope you enjoyed. Remember to friend me on goodreads and have a great day.


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