The Outcast by Sadie Jones

I gave this book 3/5 stars.

This was a very strange book. This was one of the first books I picked up at the book mailbox and I’m disappointed that it wasn’t that good. At the beginning there wasn’t really a plot. It just seemed to go thorough the days of this man who has just gotten out of jail, the plot doesn’t come till over half-way through the book, even then it is really weak. The point of view switches randomly between random people, in fact there is not way to know when it will switch. I was reading one paragraph and then the next -boom- new character, it was really hard to follow. Everyone in the book seems out to get the main character, Lewis,  and I don’t understand why. I understand why the towns people are afraid of him after he is out of jail, but they hated him way before he even did the thing that put’s him in jail. There is also a horrible case of insta love in this book.  All that being said I did like some things in this book. I loved the character development of Lewis and some of the other side characters. These people grew tremendously and it was nice to see it happen. I also liked the world building, there was a lot of detail involved with I loved because this is about the 50s, an era that I don’t fully comprehend. All that said, if you would like to try and read this book you might like it if you like the era it is in and if you like stories about a misfit.

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