Fallen by Lauren Kate

I gave this book 3/5 stars.

I had a hard time getting into this book. I would start reading and I would just become bored. I felt like there was no actual plot to the story. Most of the time the main character, Luce, was stalking a boy she just meet at her new school. The boy, Daniel didn’t even show signs of liking her, he flipped her off the first time she saw him. The traitor at the end of the book made no sense. I knew this was a book about angles because that’s what everyone talks about. Well you don’t find out about the angles until the very end of the book. So all the little hints that were given that Luce was oblivious to made me face palm. I only saw character development in one person. I know that a lot of people love this book but I don’t see how. I found it boring, predictable, and just plain stupid. I don’t think I will be continuing on with the series.

If you would like to read a summery of this book you can find it here on goodreads.

You can purchase the book here on the book depository.

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