Top 5 Wednesday- Tropes

This is a weekly meme created by Gingerreadslainey  and you can find out all the information on the goodreads page. So this week is about the top 5 tropes that I hate in books. Now I had to look up some tropes cause I couldn’t think of tropes off the top of my head but when these were mentioned I knew that I hated them.

5.  Villains are just evil

Now this is the trope where the bad guy of a story is evil, just to be evil. He/ She has no reason, they just want to be evil. Now the example for this is in a book series that I love, which is weird, but this happens in the Halo Series by Alexandra Adornetto. This series is about angles who live on earth to protect humans. They are protecting humans from the demons who are causing chaos for no reason. I hate this trope because I feel like the author wasn’t creative enough to think of a reason for this evil. I am fine if the villain wants revenge or if they were just trying to become the most powerful thing on earth. But I need a reason for someone to be evil and “that’s just the way they are” isn’t going to cut it.

4. Love Triangles

I know a lot of people actually love this trope but I don’t understand why. I understand that someone could have feelings for two different people, but they can’t full on love two people the same way. The classic example of this is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. In this book the main character, Belle, is in love with both a vampire, Edward, and a werewolf, Jacob. This makes no sense to me because the boys have totally different personalities and aren’t anything alike. And when this love triangle was written it just made Belle seem indecisive, which is a horrible trait for someone in a book.

3. Instalove

This is another trope that many people love that I absolutely hate. I believe that the authors who write about instalove confuse love and lust. Most of the time when reading about instalove the main character describes how the person they are in “love” with looks. This is lust. For all they know that person could be a murder and is just being nice to you so her can kill you. I also think that things move way to fast in a relationship with instalove. At the beginning of the book they are in “love” and half way through they decide to get married after dating for 2 months. I hate instalove so much that if I avoid it as much as possible, hence why there is no example.

2. What happened to the mouse?

This is the trope where the author mentions a detail but totally forgets about it later in the book. A more specific example is when they mention something that sounds like it will be important in the future but it is never mentioned again. I recently read a book with this in it. Warning there will be spoilers to Letter Perfect by Cathy Hake (I wouldn’t recommend reading the book anyways). In the middle of the book someone describes what a person who is being poisoned looks like. One of the main characters thinks that this looks like his sick neighbor and makes a mental note of that. This was never mentioned again in the book. You can’t tell me that someone is being poisoned and then just forget about it! This annoyed me after I finished the book.

  1. The Missing/ Not Caring Parent

This trope is the most aggravating trope of all time. This is when the parents for the teenage protagonist are at work or don’t seem to care that their teenager is running around causing chaos. A great example of this is in the Lux series. The main character, Katy, has a mom who works in a different town, and therefore is gone all the time. Spoilers coming. There is one time in the book where a person comes into Katy’s room and suddenly explodes. When the mom comes back the house is like normal, even though the author wrote about how the window exploded. How did these teenagers find a window that was the perfect size and install it before her mother came home?

I hope you guys liked this weeks Top 5 Wednesday. Tell me, what are your top 5 tropes you hate? Do you agree with any of my tropes? As always thanks for reading and friend me on goodreads to see what I’m reading daily.


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