Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I gave this book 5/5 stars

This  book was just, wow. This is a very deep book and deserved the award(s?) it got. Yes, the majority of the book is about a boy stuck on a boat with a tiger but it is much more then that. This book pulls at every emotion in your body. The beginning was kind of tedious but important to understand Pi’s thinking during his journey. The rest of the book was amazing, even though the ending makes me so sad it was my favorite part. The writing style was also very well done. The little details that Martel puts in to the story make it become real. There were also a lot of moments that made me laugh. And the character development! Don’t get me started (Because I have no words to describe it). This is one of those books where I can’t recommend it to a certain group of people, anyone could enjoy it, but anyone could hate it. I personally loved this book and I hope that, if you read it, you will too.

You can find a summery of the book here on goodreads.

You can get this book here on book depository.

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