Weekend Update

This is my last weekend before school starts again, ugh. With that in mind I need to get a few things done this weekend. 


  • I need to finish my summer reading book. I read two books that I thought were summer reading books but my teacher sent out an email saying that there was another one. Therefore I need to read it this weekend. 
  • I need to write some more reviews, I already have a lot scheduled but I need to write the reviews before I forget about the book. 


  • Nothing, just really need to read this book. 


  • I’m planning on watching a stream Saturday by a YouTube group called The Creatures. I will watch that if I read a lot of my book. 

So that’s it for this weekend, what will you guys be up to? Hope you enjoyed this post. As always friend me on goodreads to see what I’m reading daily. 


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