The Shore by Sara Taylor

I gave this book 5/5 stars.

I know I say this almost every time but I’m serious when I say, this book was amazing. This books is a series of linked stories that make up a larger novel about a  family. The stories timeline range from the 1800s to around the 2040s, they aren’t in chronological order but the order they are in makes total sense. I will warn you that there is a lot of messed up things in this book, this family has a pretty bad history. There are murders, revenge, drugs, abuse, rape, and many other sad/horrifying things. The book centers around a group of islands off the coast of Virginia. Most of the stories were written in third person but there were a couple written in first and there was one written in second person which I thought was really cool. The characters in this story were really well written. The dialog and way of thinking changed with the time periods, and the characters seemed to have some very differing personalities (there are some similarities but they are a family so its genetic). Most of the main characters are female but there are some male characters. This is going to sound stupid but my favorite part of the book is the pedigree in the front of the book. Every time we are introduced to a character I would look at the pedigree and see if they were in the family. And if so how. I truly loved this book and I think that’s because I like to read dark things. This book also encompasses different genres such as historical fiction and dystopian. This is not a book for someone who is easily offended or someone who does not like gruesome things.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes more complicated novels that make you put some of the pieces together.

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