Four by Veronica Roth

I gave this book 4/5 Stars. 

I really enjoyed the Divergent series.. Especially when I started to see Tobias’ view therefore I was super excited to read this book. The first three stories were really good… They talked about things that happened before he meet Tris. I did have a few moments where I thought I had already read that part of the book before but I think thats because  I read the Divergent series and just recognized Tobias voice. The las story I didn’t enjoy as much. It was about after Tris had  come to the faction, a year after the first three stories. We saw the same conversations, the same things happen, just from Tobias’ point of view. Personally I would have prefered a story from the year in between the stories… They mentioned something in the last story that sounded interesting to me. I really did like this book, group of stories, whatever. I just didn’t think that the last story needed to be there.

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