City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I am back guys… It was fun being out of the country but it’s also nice to be home. So let’s get to my review. 

I gave this book 5/5 stars

This book was really good. I love the world built up and the world itself. The characters in this book were also really amazing. I hated those I was suppose to hate, loved the ones I was suppose to. The plot twists though!!!! They were amazing, I didn’t expect any of them. Well one I did but the other ones were so surprising that we will ignore that. I loved the wrap up of this book too, it was concluding but yet complinh enough to make me want to read the next one. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes distopian books. I would actually recommend this book to everyone but expect ally to those type of people. I can’t wait to continue on with this series! 

Have any of you read this book or series? If so what did you think!

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4 thoughts on “City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

  1. sumlynnnguyen April 26, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    I really enjoy Cassandra Clare’s writing, and I loved this series! The world building was what sold me!

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    • parisqueen13 April 26, 2015 / 5:03 pm

      I really love it too. I’m going to continue on with the series because I really like it

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      • sumlynnnguyen April 26, 2015 / 5:04 pm

        Make sure to try The Infernal Devices after you’re done! City of Heavenly Fire (books six of TMI is a spoiler for the last book of TID, so make sure to read TID before you finished the TMI with CoHF). Hope that made sense!


      • parisqueen13 April 26, 2015 / 5:11 pm

        Yeah I have heard that from someone else. I just hope I remember that.

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