The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Long

I gave this book 4/5 stars. 

This book was pretty good. I don’t usually read stand alone fantasy novels. In fact I think this was my first one. I really liked the world and world building but because this book was so short I don’t fully understand the magic aspect. I kind of wish this was a series so I could understand the world more. I like most of the characters, except the main character. That girl was so indecisive I couldn’t understand her thinking at all. I would give examples but the only ones I can think of are spoilers. I loved the other main character Jack though. I thought he was very cleaver and loyal. Another problem I had was that at the begginging of the book I thought we were in Victoria Ara from the way she talked and how the town she lived in was described. Then she mentioned computers and I was suddenly confused. Maybe I missed a sentence but that threw a little of the book off for me. Because this is a stand alone fantasy it took me a little longer to go through the book. Overall the book had a great concept, beautiful world building, and mostly wonderful characters. I would suggest this book to anyone who want to slow down and really get into a book. 

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