Weekly Update 

Hey guys… My weekend was actually pretty productive book wise. I would like to tell you guys that I am participating in a read-a thon therefore a lot of reviews will be posted soon. Anyway let’s get to what I accomplished. 

For Fun: I finished both Saga,Volume 2 by Brain K. Vaughn and Until the Debt is Paid by Alexander Hartung. (Whicj is a very underrated book which I suggest to you guys to read) I then started a book that I told you guys I couldn’t finish. I then started and finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. And I am currently reading Everyday by David Levithan.. I am not currently near the book so I can’t update you on how far I am through it but it is amazing so far. 

For School: Can you guess? If u guessed A Tale of Two Cities then you were right! Again I’m not near the book right now so I can’t update you on where in the book I am. 

So that’s everything… I hope yall had a fabulous weekend and will see u at the latest Friday. 


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