Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I gave this book 5/5 Stars

Oh my god! What do I say… This book was amazing!!!! I loved the concept of telling this story from the zombie’s perspective. I loved the characters and absolute loved the writing style. I loved that R was so I intelligent in his mind but couldn’t get the word out. I also didn’t expect the ending. I had 10 pages left and I was still trying to figure out what will happen. This books is just brilliant. The only thing I would like to know if how everyone became zombies. The author never specified but I believed that was suppose to be left up to the reader. I also questioned something else but it is a spoiler so I will not say but I think that the writing and story itself make up for those two things. I recommend this book to everyone and hopefully will watch the movie sometime soon. 

You can also see my Goodreads to see what other books I have read or to recommend me any books you think I might like. 

Updated: Just found out that a sequel is being made… Omg that makes me so excited and I think it will help me understand what I was confused about. 


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