Weekend Reads

So I think I’ll start this weekend read thing so that on Monday when I update you on what I have been reading you guys can see how much I failed. Like most teenagers I usually spend my weekends hanging with friends and watching YouTube. But here is a little of what’s going on this weekend for me…. And it won’t just be book stuff. 


  • I need to finish Opposition… I am 400 pages/ 74% through but still I’ve been reading this like all month. 
  • I need to read Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion by the end of the month..This is for a book club.
  • I also need to read Until the Debt is Paid by Alexandar Hartung because it is my TBR pick for the month. 
  • I am going to be watching a Liveshow for Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of theUniverse hosted on YouTube by LittleBookOwl 

Social Stuff:

  • One of my best friend’s is celebrating their birthday on Sarurday so I am going to that. 
  • Yeah that’s it, my social life is sad. 


  • I need to get caught up on one of the series that a YouTuber I follow posts
  • I am watching Dexter currently and would like to watch a few episodes… In fact I will watch one when I finish this
  • I would like to transfer my reviews from this blog onto my goodreads account 
  • And I would also like to clean my bathroom… It’s getting kinda messy

So yeah that’s all the stuff I want to accomplish this weekend… Obviously not all of that will happen but we will see Monday how productive I’ve been. 

I hope you enjoy theses non-book related posts.. If so please let me know in a comment. 

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